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We supply essential products to build, maintain and repair water transmission lines, distribution systems, service supply lines, waste water and sewage systems.

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Flange adaptors and dismantling joints


Flange adaptors and dismantling joints provide a connection between a valve/ flange to the pipeline. Available in sizes 80mm to 3000mm and fully protected by fusion bonded epoxy.

Pipe couplings and flange adaptors


Pipe couplings and flange adaptors were an early part of the companies business and are supplied in all sizes up to 3000. Coated in fusion bonded epoxy, SPF has jointed some of the worlds biggest water transmission systems.

Pipe repair systems

SPF supply a range of pipe repair clamps in stainless steel with full circumferential rubbers to seal leaking pipes of any size from 20mm to 2000mm. A range of specialized leak sealing tapes ensure that customers can cover any pipeline repair in seconds.

Repair clamps


A range of specialist repair clamps designed specifically for HDPE pipe are supplied from 40mm to 630mm.